Sunday, 15 June 2014


As I approach my interview for the Sequential & Narrative Illustration MA at Brighton, I've been reflecting on my career thus far; with the publication of my latest book The Cruffin and Muffnut, I have so far published four books and alongside my small press and limited edition books my total number of publications is eleven! That seems kinda cool to me.

Numbers seem to be everything these days: fans, friends, followers -not to mention money- so it's hard not to get caught up in statistics. But I also realised I'm closing in on some nice milestones:

My Alex Hahn Illustrator Facebook page is nearing 200 likes

My Etsy store is only few sales away from the big 100

Post Conatus, my diary comic is closing in on 200 posts (so already over 200 pages worth of comics online for people to view completely free!)

I wanted to take stock of these and look forward to pushing forward over the next year and make these numbers look like peanuts...thanks to everyone who has contributed to these and enjoyed my work. Please help, if you like, by sharing links to these websites and letting people know about my work :)

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