Wednesday, 22 January 2014

4000 Miles poster

The latest play I designed the poster for opened last night to brilliant reviews; Amy Herzog's 4000 Miles is on at the Corpus Playroom, Cambridge, until this Saturday. This oater was a lot of fun to work on, trying to blend soviet era design with modern design and the Western setting of the play. I was interviewed about my role in the publicity design last week and I felt like sharing some of my working process with everyone; below are some of the steps from rough designs to finished poster.
More about the play can be read at Wikipedia,
And if you want to go see the play, follow this link (before 25.1.14)

Working images of Alex Hahn's poster for Amy Herzog's play 4000 Miles showing sketches to final image

Poster by Alex Hahn for Amy Herzog's play 4000 miles
And the two stars of the show, posing beside my poster :)
(Image taken from an article about the play here

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