Monday, 16 December 2013

Another plug for non electrical items...

If you haven't yet adorned your walls or person with a healthy dose of Blop (or other images of mine)  now's the perfect time. I have even more images available to buy through Society 6; from prints to shirts, hoodies, pillows, laptop skins and tote bags. 

Society 6 recently launched some new product lines, including mugs and children's apparel. Users will have noticed how when they launch new lines, they get added automatically for sale based on what product types you have images for and you have to manually turn off colours that don't work with your designs. unfortunately you can't turn off a product in certain 'families' so when kids apparel and onesies became available, that meant that all of my designs available on t-shirts can also be bought as onesies. The below image illustrates a slight concern with this, as my 'check me out' image looks humourous on an adult, I'm not sure how happy I'd be seeing it on a baby, but then again maybe you want your little man sporting my little man: for now the option is there for you ;-)

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