Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Entering A Brave New World

So, after two years of non-starters (or, more accurately one kinda starter and another not quite finished-er) this year I finally had the time to complete and submit my entry to the Folio Society /House of Illustration competition. The book is Aldous Huxley's Brave New World. There's so many ideas in the book that deciding on one unified approach proved difficult; while there could be a brilliant graphic or metaphor for one scene, others would not work as well and so on... so I decided to illustrate the scenes literally, but choosing challenging angles and opportunity to use light and shadow to create the drama and the surreal/fantasy tones of some of the scenes. I worked on the three scenes simultaneously to keep the visual language consistent.
These are some progress shots of the images coming together and the completed entry (with a binding design too) can be seen in my portfolio here!

Whether it gets anywhere or not isn't a concern as I'm pleased at managing to enter (finally!) as well as how the colours were working. Expect to see more of my work coloured traditionally and not on the Mac in the near future!

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