Monday, 30 July 2012


Dear follower(s), incase it had crossed your minds, I'm not dead -I've just been busy!
The aim of this blog is to collate everything I do into a centralised hub for anyone who might be interested (it is also, I hope, not as pathetically silly as anything else that refers to itself as a 'centralised hub') be that my illustration portfolio, my latest book on Amazon or whatever the crap I've tweeted recently, it's all linked in! (which, incidentally, I don't use)

Rather than a diatribe about how life and commitments and excuses for not posting, here's some photos and links to things I have done:

-Publishing my book, You know who wears the Lion-Skin in this relationship... on Kindle

-Getting copies of Post Conatus Volume One and 'Lion-Skin' into Gosh! one of the most awesomest comic shops around.

-Launching a new exhibition at The Frontroom, SHAPE/SHIFT, with Dom

As for that drop of Blop, above, hinting towards something: I have been busy.
Alongside my day/evening/most-of-my-life job, I'm beavering away on lots of things, including no less than three new books...but more on those when it comes...
ps: if you got the reference -you must own South Park season one on DVD ;-)

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