Monday, 11 June 2012

Should've done better!

The other week I checked out the Eurovision Song Contest -for the first time since this won- and decided to commemorate it in the only fitting way -with everyone's favourite alien, Blop! For those not familiar with Soluna Samay, I found her song for Denmark to be a refreshing curio amidst the rest of, well ...the rest. Despite having a rag-tag group of oddballs, a questionable get-up (don't ask, maybe she won't tell) and heartfelt lyrics ('I miss you, like Sahara misses rain': almost the best songwriting since Toto found a rhyme for 'company') this was the song I remembered and backed; perhaps because the English in me likes an underdog* - the Blop of Eurovision, if you will- or maybe I just liked it.

Soluna, Blop's hat goes off to you. Maybe I'll tune in again next year.

*Unfortunately there weren't many entries that did worse (though Engelbert was one...)

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