Saturday, 1 October 2011

A - B

Last week my flat-mate, the Award Winning Dom McKenzie (tm) (r), finally won an award; a pretty big award: a four-foot 'A' with lights (pictured above). The award being YCN student of the year, for his response to a live brief for the Open University. The day after hearing the news just happened to be a rare day off from barista-ing the hell out of Cambridge, so I took the time to make my own illuminated trophy to mark the occasion. Yes, that is a 5-foot (it's bigger: important!) 'statue' of Blop, everyone's least favourite alien, presenting an illuminated 'B' -which has 20 bulbs (as opposed to 14: important!)

I didn't do much else with my day off, but I think coming home to find this grinning, glowing, green fellow was much appreciated. I know which one I'd rather have.

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