Monday, 29 August 2011

Love is what you want... Tracey Emin is not.

Fun as it is to pass criticism on Emin's work, a certain phrase involving a barrel and some fish comes to mind. Recently, I ventured to the Hayward gallery to see their major retrospective of the 'controversial' YBA's work. If it's not obvious: I am not a fan of her work, however, I do believe in giving the benefit of the doubt. I reviewed a previous show, 'Those who suffer love', for an essay, so, with the idea of a sequel in mind -and out of morbid curiosity- I was keen to see the show. A big sign let people know what's inside. A red Sign... one which could be read from a safe distance. My review follows immediately below:

actually, as surprisingly unimpressive and pedestrian as her oeuvre was, I did like the video piece 'Riding for a fall'...I'll give her that one.

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