Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Post Post Conatus post & post!

You've seen it at the degree show, and I'm sure you picked up some of the promotional goodies: postcards and fliers with a very special offer...

Yes, with the release date mere days away, you can now own your very own copy of Post Conatus (The Life and Times of Alex Hahn) Volume One: The Book and the American Dream for just £10!
This limited offer only lasts until the end of July so be among the awesome people who have already ordered their copy now (they do actually exist)...and, if that's not enough, the first 100 copies will also be accompanied by a super-extra-special-limited-edition piece of original Alex Hahn artwork (but more on that later)

These fliers were available at the Cambridge degree show and will be there for you to pick up at New Designers too; don't worry if you missed the show and can't make it to London, however, all you need is to follow the instructions from the flier pictured above.

...and you'll never guess what American Express received in response to their unsolicited mailings.

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