Saturday, 23 April 2011

It's coming...

The long await for my graphic novel Post Conatus (The life and times of Alex Hahn) Volume One: The book and the American dream is nearly over!

I've spent much of the last week working on putting the whole thing together. I have two more spreads to finish laying out, then pagination, then printing! I haven't got any photos of me working on it this week (but, to be fair, me sitting at a computer is a dull image) so I thought I'd treat you to these from the Post Conatus archives (actually a folder, on said computer)

These two were taken around September as I was sorting out the running order of the pages and seeing if I needed to fill any gaps etc. It was the first time I had actually counted the pages of the book (which was dead on 100 after I dropped this page

 This one is more recent -but it isn't actually in his book (but, then again, volume two...) but I had a nice Monday afternoon in Cafe Neros writing the 'S' word over and over. I wonder what people thought? Actually I  care more about the deliciously rich chocolate truffle cheesecake they serve there...will have to make it there this week! The finished version is up on the Post Conatus blog so you can see how this sh*t went down ;-)

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