Friday, 11 March 2011

Swanning around...

So this week, for a fun challenge, I accepted a job to do four canvases for a drama student's performance. I could probably count the paintings I've done on my fingers -maybe a toe or two as well- so I figured it'd be a good chance to hone my skills. A large chunk of my painted work has been dogs in black and white. He stipulated that they "don't need to be masterpieces." That was a mercy.

Overcoming the obstacles of small jpeg images, completely forgetting how to paint (thanks to Dom for reminding me) and having to do them quickly was tough, but I'm standing here at the other end... to be fair they're a bit GCSE but it made my week different -and I'm looking forward to spending my hard earned bucks in Fopp tomorrow.

Never to appear at a higher resolution ;-)

I actually quite liked this one.

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