Sunday, 6 March 2011

MA be me one day...

And to continue the theme of trendy artsy photos of happenin' events, these were taken at the Ruskin Gallery this thursday during the private view for the MA Children's Book Illustration course. I was a bit preoccupied with working on my Searle Award entry (will post that soon) but it was a nice evening -and the work was spectacular. I'm sorting out my application this week, and judging by the quality of the work this year's graduates have put out, there's big shoes to fill!

The weasels were definitely a highlight -as were the other models people made of their work 

And, lastly, I had to take a snap of Mike Smith's work. He won the Macmillan Prize last year -and with good reason. As well as some terrific picture book work, he also blogs a weekly diary comic -like what I'm trying to do with Post Conatus but much, much better ....and less whiny. Check out Blogshank here!

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