Friday, 25 March 2011

Just 'Clause...

By Now, you should expect terribly punny titles; I'd hate to disappoint.

I made this piece a while back for the December 2010 issue of The Apex (ARU student magazine) but never got round to posting it. I was waiting for the issue to come out, but it turns out that their printer went best or some such mishap that prevented it from being published.

Today being exactly three months since Christmas -and three being a magic number- I figured it would be a good time to deck my blog with this festive fresco. If you remember my previous piece for them (Guy Fawkes) you may notice the dark theme running through; I was upset that there weren't any more of these as I was really looking forward to the subversively shady images I could make for, say, Valentine's day or Easter (I was thinking of bunnies, not Jesus). Maybe a personal project...

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