Tuesday, 4 January 2011

When I Think of Cambridge...

Hey, here's something substantial! This is one of two products I organised with my class at Cambridge School of Art to sell at our stall on the Mill Road winter fair. This yellow tome is a 'zine' containing our eclectic thoughts, stories and drawings of Cambridge. Initially plagued by responses of: "I've got too much to do, aaaargh! *pulls hair out*" we eventually got enough work to make this 40-page publication. I actually really enjoyed putting this together in the end, especially when we got a small team together to construct the books (thanks Anna, Dom, Helene and Sue!) We made 30-something copies and they sold pretty well, so it was a worthwhile effort (and, on typical form, I even plugged my forthcoming graphic novel there too!).

Needless to say, photos of the whole book are on my Flickr for your viewing pleasure!

Features the work of:
Alex Hahn (ME!)
Dominic McKenzie
Abigail Stevens
Anna Betts
Bethany Browes
Dan Heffer
Georgia Warey-Cummings
Hannah Morgan
Hannah Yates
Helene Koole
Jimmy Smith
Josey Grant
Kathryn Bacon
Lucy Grimwood
Nikki Gardham
Paul Francis Cat
Sarah Wood
Susan Street

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