Tuesday, 4 January 2011

...I've got a big red one!

If you get the reference, you're cool (or a giant dork)

And this is the other product we/I made as a class. This lavish, square, package contains fifteen tear out prints of work from my classmates and I, all beautifully presented in a Japanese stab-bind book. Again, this was another challenge to put together -again the biggest challenge arising from working with people! And, too, it was a joy to see it finally come together (though it was born of many swear words...)
They didn't sell quite so well as we had to charge £15 per copy to cover unexpectedly high production costs. we've nearly sold them all now, however, so it was also a success. There definitely seems to be something about making little (or big) book projects that appeals to me a lot; I expect it won't be long before you see another such project, so keep your eyes peeled...

...and in the mean time check out the rest of this book on ...you know where...

Featuring the work of:
Helene Koole
Natasha Macgregor
Nikki Gardham (who also did all the lovely hand-drawn type)
Susan Street
Georgia Warley-Cummings
Zsusha Goodyer
Hannah Yates
Hannah Morgan
Kathryn Bacon
Paul Francis Cat
Abigail Stevens
Sarah Wood

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