Sunday, 11 April 2010

I am Iron Man!

Seeing as I have about a million pages to do for my book (university project about making a book, aptly titled: 'the book') I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to spend the week throwing out junk from our we did.

The sheer amount of crap my parent were keeping up there is beyond the telling of it, but I also found some things that weren't shit, like all my old Thundercats figures (which includes six Snarfs) and other awesome bits and bobs, as well as this:

Check those awesome green eyes!

This being a model of the titular character from Ted Hughes' book 'The Iron Man' which I made waaaay back in 1998 for a school project. The thing was mostly made of cardboard, but also had some computer parts inside to make it look technical and cool. I just photographed the head, before throwing it all out, as it was the only part that wasn't crushed :(
I know there's a photo of the complete model somewhere, but I haven't the foggiest where right now - which is a shame, as it showed that the model was actually as tall as my nine-year-old self! Sadly, proud of it as I was, it wasn't quite the best in the class as my dad didn't know how to weld...

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