Sunday, 25 April 2010

All aboard the Censor ship!

...A bit of a theme this weekend;

here's the offending panel from my book, as well as the before and after pages. The sequence is about the phrase "press the flesh," which I can kinda see why it wasn't appropriate.

*and, if you're really interested, you can see how the page turned out in my finished book on -you guessed it- Flickr!

HOWEVER, how ridiculous was the censoring of the most recent South Park Episode "201?" If anything, I would consider bleeping M*hammad's name like a swearword to be more offensive than anything Trey or Matt have done with him as surely it would imply that there's something unsavoury about that religion? Anyway, it was a good episode, when I eventually found it online; I would really like to know what it was Kyle learned today, though...

...and it wasn't even M*hammad in the bear costume after all.

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