Sunday, 25 April 2010

After The Sleep Depravation...

This last week, I've hardly slept as I've been working on my book for the Macmillan Children's book prize. I finally finished -or thought I had- at 4:30am Friday morning and gladly took my 5 hours of sleep before the morning crit.
The book is about an alien, Blop, who becomes confused by his literal understanding of language -and grabbing that wrong end of the stick. The title changed as I came across a much more suitable one: "what on Earth do you mean?"
Here's a photo of how my desk looked during my work and the final portfolio.

I got some good feedback, but one image was censored more than M*hammad in a South Park episode, so I had to quickly alter a spread before heading to London. We got down to Macmillan during the afternoon and got everything handed in, now it's just to wait and see how Blop fares in the judging.

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