Sunday, 7 February 2010


We've just started the main project for this semester: The Book. Already several people have been reduced to tears, had to be talked of ledges or just passed several bricks. I, however, have been quite enjoying it.

My book is going to focus on the end of my Granddad's life and how when we get old we can, through ill health etc, lose who we are/were. I was never too close with him, but since researching this project I have almost a completely different picture of who he was.

While this project is without a doubt going to be the biggest and hardest book I'll have ever made, I think it will be enjoyable -especially the research, as I got to look through loads of old photos and quite beautiful ephemera (expect to see more as I got through this project) such as these old photo albums. As well as some pretty interesting items such as his medal from WWII (like many, he was a reluctant member of the Austrian army, until the Americans liberated him)

An added perk of having such rich reference material, was that during the crit last Friday my lack of actual work was glossed over as I emptied my box of goodies, like these, and passed bits around. Not bad, but I doubt it will work twice...maybe I should have held back some of the best pieces?

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